Over the years the SBA has instigated the following programmes:

  • Substantial safe timber stairways to the beaches to minimise erosion
  • The establishment of the Mitchell Reserve
  • Production of a brochure recommending indigenous planting in our area
  • Regular ‘Working Bees’ for weed removal and re-vegetation planting
  • Restricting inappropriate access to the beaches, thereby preventing erosion and damage to Mutton Bird rookeries
  • Regular submissions to the Bass Coast Council regarding traffic , speed limits and important planning proposals such as the Phillip Island & San Remo Design Framework and the Linfox proposals
  • Surveying residents on issues such as roads etc
  • Lifeguards at Smiths Beach during the summer months

The Smiths Beachcomber Association needs your support and can only represent your needs if you get involved. Annual membership is only $20.

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Our address is:

RMB 5090
Cowes Vic 3922

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